3 Kasım 2013 Pazar

"FiRock(Rockçı İmam) The Rock N Roll Imam-Mevlaya Gel (Full HD) Official Video

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FiRock'ın beklenen Orjinal Klibi yayında.
Rock'çı İmam Ahmet Muhsin Tüzer'in Vokalliğini yaptığı FiRock, İlk Single Parçası "Mevlaya Gel" sizlerin beğenisine sunulmuştur.


I cannot find myself
neither in the sky nor on the earth
neither within the attribution nor within the name
am I a rock or a piece of soil

what should I do with a garden without flowers
I am in the hearts blessed with Love
I have recognized everyhing through you
Wiped away my tears with your Light
Wiped away my tears with your Light

Human becomes the location for the manifestation
it is the essence of the existance
I have wandered through the forms and within the acts
reached the maturity in the modesty
toe the line leaving the ecstasy and chatting
come to Lord search for the meaning in your heart come to Lord (Mavla)

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